• The service is £20 a month with many different methods of payment being available. They include paypal where you can use your Visa or Visa Debit card. Payment is needed before the start of every month and a reminder is sent out to all clients to pay before they can see the tips.


  • Past results can be seen here on our past results page. These past results have enticed many new clients to join our service subscribe to our service because of the massive profits they have received.


  • Betting should always be done online and clients should use whatever bookies give you the best odds. This way you will achieve maximum profits. You can check which bookies has the best odds for the race on Oddschecker.com This allows the client to receive the best possible odds of a horse at anygiven time.


  • Oddschecker is a website allowing a client to receive the best price of a horse at any given time. It details the price and odds of a horse from all leading bookmakers and is updated regularly. It will be your best friend in the longrun and allow you to win bigger amounts than the normal bookmakers websites.


  • The tips are provided by team of leading professional horse racing advisors. This is a service like no other and we make it unique by Past Results.

     Past Results (Last 6 Months)

    • February: +25

    • March: +37

    • April: +10

    • May: +71

    • June: +44

    • July: +28 

    -> Running Total: +215

    This means if your point was £10 you would be an astonishing  £2150 in profit.

     For further details of our record sheets email us on:  XXXXXXXX