How it Works

We recommend you set a side the money which you would like to gamble with.
This doesn't mean every bit of money you set aside is risked on one bet. Quite the opposite in fact. We have measured system that ensures profit in the longrun.
We operate a points system and we recommend you should have 100 of whatever point you would like to bet with.

 e.g. If you set aside £100 as your bankroll. That means that your 1 point bet would be £1, alternatively if you set aside £1000 then your 1  point bet would be £10. Each month we give you regular updates on how we are doing e.g. "we are 45 points up"

 We will email you for example: 1pt WIN – BOGART – 1.55 YORK – 10/1 (Bet365)

So you will bet according to your point. In this case if you set aside £100 you should bet  £1 to win on this horse in YORK. If the bet recommended a 1.5 point  Each Way then if your bank roll was £100 you would bet £1.5EW for a total stake of £3. We have clients eith bank rolls from £100 up to £30,000. But the key is to grow the bank roll slowly.

 Following this system we have hit profit for every month we have been in businessfor a long time so are confident we can continue this run. We have an offer that we give the next month free if we do not hit profit in any given month. In fact we can guarantee you a positive return on your money over the long run. We have done this over the last few years and have many loyal fans.